Visa requirements for travelers from Israel to the United States

With the success of Israel's immunization program and the easing of several COVID-related travel restrictions, Forefront, providing Immigration consultancy services is receiving an inflow of questions about how to apply for US visas for business, tourism, or labor. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, US embassies throughout the world have been mainly shuttered for ordinary visa processing since March 2020. While some types of visas are now being processed at the US Embassy, appointment wait times are still long. Please see the following list of commonly asked questions about visa processing at US consulate operations in Israel:

Will I be able to get a B-1/2 tourist visa appointment in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem?

The US Embassy's appointment scheduling system may be used to arrange visa appointments. Please keep in mind that the current appointment wait time is around 450 days.

My presence in the United States is required due to a medical emergency. Is it possible for me to receive a visa appointment?

At the discretion of the US embassy, andemergency appointments may be allowed for life-threatening medical situations or humanitarian reasons.

What is the procedure for requesting an emergency appointment?

First, make an appointment using the US Embassy's appointment scheduling system, then fill out the DS-160 and pay the application cost. Select the “Request Expedite” option after a date has been set.

I'd want to travel to the United States to attend the wedding of a close relative. Is that considered an emergency?

In most cases, emergency petitions are only allowed if they are really medical or humanitarian in nature.

Although I paid the application fee, I am not eligible for an emergency appointment or an interview waiver. Will I be able to apply for a visa using the amount I have paid?

And it is. The validity of the visa fee has been extended until September 22, 2022.

I am an Israeli citizen who also happens to be a citizen of a nation that participates in the Visa Waiver Program. Can I use the Visa Waiver Program to come to the United States from Israel?

With a valid ESTA authorization, you can travel to the United States from Israel.

I'm now in one of the Schengen countries. Is it possible for me to go directly to the United States?

President Biden signed a proclamation on January 25, 2021, extending the suspension of admission of some passengers from the Schengen Area, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Brazil, as well as expanding restrictions to include tourists from South Africa. As a result, how long you've been in a Schengen area nation and whether you qualify for a National Interest Exemption will determine whether you may fly directly to the US.

Are appointments for work and student visas scheduled at Israeli consulates?

Certain nonimmigrant visa services, such as work (E/H/L/O/P/R/C1D) and student (F/J/M), have been restored at Israeli consulates.

I was previously denied a visa due to Presidential Proclamation 10052, which prohibits the issue of H, L, and some J visas. Is it possible for me to reapply now that the Proclamation has expired?

And it is. By submitting a new application and paying a new application cost, you can reapply.

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